Ecommerce offers unparalleled opportunities for merchants and retail organizations to create new businesses and expand existing ones. With its experience as one of the largest and pioneering ecommerce businesses, Dell provides innovative technologies and solutions that power existing businesses to make their online presence more productive and newer businesses to go online faster and more effectively. Dell’s solutions in Virtualization, Networking, Converged Infrastructure, Servers and Storage have helped businesses like Flipkart, ebay, Alibaba achieve higher efficiencies in their businesses.

With the growth of online devices and user confidence in online transactions, one of the industries that has seen a significant surge in online activity has been the travel industry. Dell works with some of the leading online Travel companies like MakeMyTrip, Thomas Cook and ShutterFly to make their customer experiences faster, smoother and more reliable.

No. 1 Server Brand in India

Dell’s innovative 13th generation PowerEdge server portfolio, its modular FX2 servers, positioned with data centre build/migration services as well as with storage and networking solutions contributed to a significant growth in its Server market share making it the No. 1 selling server brand in India. The enhanced confidence has deepened its engagements with its customers for richer IT configurations for critical and higher end workloads.


MakeMyTrip-Indian online travel company meets growing consumer demand

To maintain its market position as the leading online travel service in India, needed to consolidate its data center on a high-performance infrastructure. India’s leading Travel site delivers 30 percent improved performance with an increased Operational efficiency improvement due to 20 percent reduction and space requirements.


Flipkart-E-commerce marketplace in India leads online retail transformation

Agility is a key business differentiator when it comes to encouraging the India market to shop online. With Dell, we can add hundreds of virtual machines within a couple of minutes to meet a predicted increase in traffic volume, then automatically reduce the number to ensure we maintain our energy efficiency at all times.


Shutterfly-Picture perfect IT management

Shutterfly deploys servers and systems management appliance to keep customers coming back and increase IT visibility.We can deliver a more reliable experience with the Dell solution, so customers will keep coming back.

b-4 online cosmetics retailer strengthens market position

We know that over 50 percent of our customers are repeat buyers and that they trust our site to deliver a great shopping experience. We now have a very stable platform that we know will meet our project sales figures as consumers continue to grow.

b-5 search engine delivers customized search for unique user needs’s social search engine has improved user search satisfaction by 30 percent in comparison to other search engines. Users are presented with fast, more accurate results from their searches. We are confident in the ability of the Dell solution to scale by tenfold as demand grows for as a social search engine.


Increasing market share through an online presence

Jin Jiang International Merchant Services Co., Ltd. consists of four main business units, namely Jinjiang International Hotels and Jinjiang Inns focused on providing hospitality services, and Jinjiang Travel and Jinjiang Car Rental providing transport-related services.


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